Adrian Peterson all about winning, didn't know how close he came to record: "Nine yards what?" [VIDEOS]

There's no "I" in "nine yards what?"
There's no "I" in "nine yards what?"

Long-suffering Vikings fans were feeling confused at the end of yesterday's thrilling victory over the Packers. As one of professional sports' long-cursed franchises, the Vikings just don't win big games like that.

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But the unusual triumph was still tinged with a slight flavor of bittersweetness, as Adrian Peterson ended up falling just nine yards short of an all-time single-season rushing record held by Eric Dickerson for nearly 30 years.

AP almost set the record on his very last run of the season. With 24 seconds left in the game, the Vikings lined up for a play at the Packers' 37 yard line. At the time, Peterson was 35 yards short of the record, meaning one last improbable touchdown run not only would've sealed the game for the Vikings -- it would've pushed him past Dickerson. Here's what happened:

With only three seconds in the game, the Vikings kicked the game-winning field goal, thereby denying AP one last shot at the record. But during an interview with Fox's Pam Oliver immediately following the dramatic conclusion, Peterson indicated that he was totally focused on getting the win and getting his team into the playoffs:

Oliver: You played your heart out. Nine yards, boy, that's gotta hurt.

AP: Nine yard what? Nine yards what? From breaking it?

Oliver: That's what I heard!

AP: Oh. Well, you know, ultimately, we got the W, and that was my main focus coming into the game. I said, if it happens, it happens. And it happened. But, don't focus on it. Um, I feel good just to play another week.

Oliver: Appreciate it, thank you so much.

AP: Thank you. Thank God! Whoo!

Here's the footage:

Vikings fans are happy AP gets to play another week too, and in Green Bay of all places. After all, the only fitting way for the Purple to get ultimate revenge for the Lambeau Photobomber would be to beat the Packers twice in a row and end their season.

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