Additional video could provide answers

At today's press conference at 6th and Main, a throng of reporters hungry for new information got precious few answers as to what may have caused the I-35W bridge collapse.

"We're not here to speculate, we're here to report," said the terse, no-nonsense chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, Mark Rosenker. "There are a number of possible causes, but if I discuss one of them, I'm sure that will be tomorrow's headline."

Rosenker announced that investigators are focused now on the southern end of the bridge, explaining that analysis of video footage has revealed that this section behaved differently than the rest of the bridge.

"The southern section shifted 50 feet to the east, while the rest of the bridge seemed to have fallen in place," he said. "I don't want you to jump to any conclusions that [the problems] are all at the southern end. A failure at the north end could have caused this as well."

Also revealed at the briefing: the existence of three additional videos of the bridge collapse, which were provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Two are of little interest because the view doesn't show much of the action, but the third has been sent to Washington D.C. where it is undergoing video enhancement.

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