Adam Lee Sterling charged in Leo Daniel Kohorst's homicide

Adam Lee Sterling has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his roommate, Leo Daniel Kohorst.

Police found Kohorst dead on a couch at 3013 18th Avenue South early Sunday morning with "significant trauma" to his head so bad they suspected at first it may have come from a shotgun blast.

The medical examiner later concluded that Kohorst had been beaten over the head at least 22 times by a crowbar or a claw hammer.

A witness told police he'd found Kohorst dead on the couch with blood spattered on the wall behind him and Sterling standing over him.

According to the complaint, Sterling "often wears women's clothes," and was seen earlier on the day of the murder wearing a green skirt and black leggings. Acting on a warrant, police searched the building and didn't find the clothes, but they did discover blood on Sterling's "high heel sandals."

Sterling told police that the blood got on him when he pulled the blanket over Kohorst. He also said he showered up to look presentable for an expected police interview, and that he'd called 911. But since the only registered 911 call came from the witness, and the cops found inconsistencies in his story, they arrested him.

The home belonged to Kohorst. He was remodeling it, and renting rooms, and two of his tenants were Sterling and the witness.

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