Adam Gurno pwns the New York Times

Adam Gurno pwns the New York Times

Over at MPR NewsQ, reporter Bob Collins posted an interview with Adam Gurno, a computer programmer in Rosemount who called out the New York Times for using a photo-shopped picture in a recent photo-essay. Who knew the Gray Lady took photography lessons from Iran?

Collins writes the photo in question was part of a NYT Magazine story on abandoned construction projects. He then goes on to fire off easy bullets at the Times abandonment of ethics. But the fascinating part of the story is how Gurno discovered the alteration.

From the interview with Gurno:

"When you work in computer programming...there's a maxim in the programming world that says 'all bugs are shallow to 10,000 eyes.' It means if you have something open source and you let 10,000 people look at it, they're going to find all the little things about it. Everybody's going to approach it from a slightly different angle. And I think it's the same with this picture," he said.

"I understand magazines Photoshop models on their covers and that's neither here nor there. But when they actually call it 'journalism,' that's when I decided to dig in a little bit extra," he said.

Here is pic in question. Notice the resemblence the left side has to the right.

Adam Gurno pwns the New York Times

The full interview:

UPDATE: More photos found to have digital manipulation. (Fakery in highlights courtesy of PDN.)
Adam Gurno pwns the New York Times

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