ACLU settles with former TiZA boss Asad Zaman

Asad Zaman ran TiZA, one of the most controversial charter schools in America
Asad Zaman ran TiZA, one of the most controversial charter schools in America

The ACLU reached a settlement agreement last week with Asad Zaman, the former executive director of Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy.

Terms of the agreement, which was recorded in federal court last Thursday, have not been publicly disclosed. Chuck Samuelson, executive director of the ACLU, declined to comment. Asad Zaman did not return a message seeking comment.

Less than half an hour after entering into a settlement agreement with the ACLU, Zaman resigned his position as a board member of St. Louis Park charter school Quest Academy, leading two sources involved with the case to speculate that the events may be related.

Quest Academy Board Chair Margaret Glasch says Zaman joined the school's board in the fall of 2011 and served until his resignation last week.

"He has made positive contributions as a board member, including participation on an ad hoc executive director search committee for Quest," Glasch says. "The result of that committee's purposeful work was an offer of employment to Suzanne Splinter, who has graciously agreed to serve as executive director for Quest Academy for FY13."

Glasch says Zaman "did not indicate the reason for his resignation" and shared the text of Zaman's resignation letter.

On April 5, Zaman wrote:

Dear Madam. With regret I resign from the board of Quest Academy effective immediately. I have enjoyed my service on the board and hope the school prospers under your dynamic leadership. Asad Zaman

Dealing with Asad Zaman was one of the last remaining issues in the litigation between TiZA and the ACLU. We'll let you know when the full settlement terms are released.

For the full story, we suggest reading our February feature, "The Truth Behind TiZA."

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