ACLU denies Minnesota Majority's claim to $1,000 voter impersonation bounty

The ACLU of Minnesota announced today that for the time being, it will not be paying out the $1,000 bounty it offered in exchange for a proven case of voter impersonation.

In February, the ACLU offered $1,000 for any "no good lyin' cheatin' vote stealin' rascal who would have been caught if the currently proposed Voter ID Amendment had already been enacted." A couple of weeks later, pro-voter ID group Minnesota Majority said it had found documented proof of a case of voter impersonation during the 2008 election.

But today, ACLU of Minnesota Executive Director Chuck Samuelson said the case in question "would not have been impeded in any way by the proposed [voter ID] amendment."

Minnesota Majority's case involved an Andover resident who voted once in person using her own name, but also completed a forged absentee ballot under a variation of her daughter's name. The daughter, away at college at the time, also voted in another precinct. Election officials noted the duplicate vote and contacted the daughter, who confirmed that her absentee vote was forged. The mother eventually admitted to voter fraud and was charged with three felonies, but was only sentenced to temporary probation and ordered to repay the costs of her prosecution.

At a news conference today, Samuelson noted that voter ID "wouldn't change how absentee balloting is done, [so] this case would've occurred even if voter ID were to pass."

In fact, Samuelson noted, the only anti-voter fraud proposal making the rounds right now that would prevent cases like the one brought forward by Minnesota Majority is the DFL-sponsored "electronic poll books" measure.

"Ironically, the alternative to photo ID -- electronic poll books -- would've prevented that case," Samuelson said.

As UpTake Minnesota reports, Minnesota Majority doesn't plan to contest the ACLU's verdict:

-- Minnesota Majority uncovers evidence of voter impersonation, claims ACLU's $1,000 bounty
-- Minnesota ACLU places $1,000 bounty on voter-impersonatin' "rascals"
-- House approves voter ID bill

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