Accused serial groper charged, loves female butts

The man arrested and accused of groping University of Minnesota female students on campus was charged for two of the groping incidents today. He has also admitted to eight other incidents. 

Why did he do it? He just loves the female ass, he says. We could say this for a lot of men, but most (minus those with terrible dance club etiquette) know that a stranger's behind is off limits. 

Phillip William Acosta, 41, was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fifth degree after the Tuesday night incidents, according to the Pioneer Press

More information from the complaint:
Around 7:30 p.m., a female student in front of Moos Hall said a man reached between her legs and rubbed her vaginal area. He then grabbed her buttocks. When she turned around and began to scream, the man ran off. 
Minutes later, a female student in front of the Gateway Center said that a man approached her from behind, grabbed her buttocks and tried to grab her vagina. She turned around, told him to stop and he ran off toward the Aquatic Center. 
Police took Acosta into custody near the pedestrian bridge on campus. Both women positively identified Acosta as the man who groped them.
 Acosta told police that he had fondled two women on campus Tuesday night. He said that he was attracted to female buttocks. 
Acosta told police he knew that this behavior is wrong and that the women did not consent.