Abused Wisconsin girl testifies father made her eat cockroaches

A 15-year-old girl testifying in the child abuse trial of her father painted a hellish picture of her family's life in Madison, Wis., including how he beat her, starved her, threatened to drown her and forced her to eat cockroaches and a dead mouse.

Her father, Porfirio Olivas, 39, is charged with 23 counts of various forms of child abuse and one count of second-degree sexual assault. Her mother, Minerva Lopez, 33, testified in court that the stories were true. She pleaded no contest last month to six counts of child abuse.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that a social worker found the teenager emaciated on the floor of a bedroom closet when she came to her to see why the girl and her brother were not in school. "My impression when I first saw her there was that she was dead," Laurie Meulemans testified in court.

More from the Journal:

Most of the abuse, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court, was done by Lopez, who readily admitted to town of Madison police Detective Robb Hale that from April to September she beat the girl with a broomstick, a metal rod, a frying pan and other objects.

Hale said in an interview that this was the most severe case of child abuse he's ever investigated. He called it "highly likely" that more charges will be filed against the couple.

Lopez also admitted scalding the girl with hot water, choking her, cutting her wrist with a kitchen knife and biting her face, the complaint states. When he saw the girl, Hale wrote in the complaint, she was covered virtually head to toe in bruises of varying ages and bloody wounds.

If convicted, Olivas faces more than 200 years in prison.