Abstinence and the absence of dental dams

A flood of studies finds that teens think anal and oral sex is, like, not sex

A survey of 580 students at two California schools found that nearly one-third of the teenage students plan on engaging in oral sex in the next six months. The ninth-grade teens in the California study, whose average age was 14 1/2, say oral sex is less risky and more acceptable than intercourse.

Another study, released a few weeks ago by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, revealed that those who took "virginity pledges" were almost as likely as those who didn't to be infected with STDs. And those who made a promise to God were more likely to have anal and oral sex (pledge girls are six times more likely to perform oral sex, boys are four times more likely to have anal) and less likely to use condoms or dental dams than their heathen counterparts. This chastity pledge is what Bill Maher calls thinking outside of the box.

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