Abdi Warsame supporters distribute late-hour campaign smear

Warsame (left) and Lilligren
Warsame (left) and Lilligren

Here's a new low, even by political standards.

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Someone in Minneapolis' Sixth Ward is distributing this late-hour smear against incumbent City Council member Robert Lilligren, alleging that he discriminates against minorities, the poor, and the elderly:

Back of the door hanger
Back of the door hanger

The front of the flier says, "Paid and prepared by Power by the People," which is apparently a third-party organization in support of Abdi Warsame's campaign.

Front of the door hanger
Front of the door hanger

Multiple messages left with Warsame's campaign were not immediately returned Tuesday.

Lilligren's campaign manager, Trista Schwind, said she found the fliers on staff vehicles at about 8 p.m. Monday.

"It's really unfortunate some of our opponents feel the need to go so negative here at the end," she said. "Robert Lilligren has always stood on his record and ran a really positive campaign, and I think the truth will be tonight in the results."

This summer, Lilligren contested the Sixth Ward DFL endorsement of Warsame, alleging that Warsame supporters used homophobia and language barriers to win support from the ward's predominately Somali population. However, a DFL committee rejected the Lilligren campaign's challenge.

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