Aaron Schnagl, on-again/off-again boyfriend, is "person of interest" in Jelinek disappearance

Schnagl (left) was reportedly rekindling his relationship with Jelinek (right) before she disappeared last weekend.
Schnagl (left) was reportedly rekindling his relationship with Jelinek (right) before she disappeared last weekend.

Five days after she was reported missing, there's still no sign of Danielle Jelinek. But authorities have now named Aaron Schnagl -- her on-again, off-again boyfriend -- as a "person of interest" in the case.

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Schnagl admits to being the last person to see Jelinek. He says the two of them went shopping in Minneapolis on Saturday night, then returned to his Chisago Lakes Township home for drinks and sex before Jelinek took off on foot Sunday morning. But it sounds like authorities -- who previously said Schnagl has been uncooperative with them -- think Schnagl knows more about what happened to Jelinek than he's sharing.

From Fox 9:

Until Thursday, investigators said there was no reason to suspect a connection between Schnagl and 27-year-old Danielle Jelinek's disappearance... [M]any of her personal items -- including her car, phone, purse and shoes -- were found at his home...

[Search] warrants detail how traces of blood were found inside Schnagl's Chevy Tahoe and inside his house; however, investigators say it is not consistent with a struggle and was only a small amount...

Within the past 24 hours, Schnagl directed investigators toward a mound in his yard. Though they flooded the property and drained a septic tank, there is still no sign of Jelinek.

The Pioneer Press reports that Jelinek's family members "suspect foul play," citing the fact she disappeared without her coat or asthma inhaler, in addition to the personal items mentioned in the Fox report.

While executing search warrants connected with Jelinek's disappearance, authorities found 12 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana in Schnagl's BMW. That constituted a probation violation, as Schnagl pleaded guilty to a first-degree felony drug possession charge in Anoka County in 2007. He's currently being held in Anoka County Jail, and no bail has been set.

Meanwhile, the search for Jelinek -- who works at the Wells Fargo in Maplewood and has been living with relatives in Oakdale -- continues. According to Fox, about 300 volunteers turned out yesterday to scour the rural area near Schnagl's home for clues. A "Danielle Mary Jelinek Search Team" Facebook page has been created to help organize the effort, and the search will continue today.

"We haven't found anything at this point but we will not stop until we get some answers," says a post published on the Facebook page yesterday evening.

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