Aaron Biber sentenced for raping teenage boy

Aaron Biber was once a high-flying Twin Cities attorney with Gray Plant Mooty. He was treasurer of the state bar association. He had a fine home in Shorewood.

But he befriended a neighborhood boy, sexted the teenager pictures of his erect penis, got him drunk and had sex with him, once so roughly the boy needed medical attention.

Now, Biber's going to prison in disgrace. For 18 years. The sentence was handed down this afternoon in Hennepin County Court.

The prison term a far cry from the probation sought by Biber's legal defense, after Biber tearfully confessed to his crimes in July. But it's not as much as the 24 years the Hennepin County Attorney has recommended.

Biber's victim -- his son's best friend -- came forward late last year. with evidence of the lewd text messages. And he allowed police to record conversations between himself Biber. Here's an excerpt from one, as contained in the original criminal complaint:

He described a two-hour session of anal and oral sex without benefit of lubrication or condoms. Referring to the October 2009 abuse, the Defendant stated that he was aware Child A was "inebriated" and that Child A "was doing everything [he] could to stay awake and hard."

When the boy arranged to meet Biber for another encounter at the Eden Prairie Mall in December, police moved in.

Biber's sentencing hearing began yesterday and included testimony from one colleague who tried to pass off Biber's behavior as a mistake worthy of only probation. He was cross-examined so aggressively by a prosecutor that a second character witness backed out of taking the stand.

Today, the victim's father recounted the boy contemplating suicide and his mother called Biber a monster.

Biber took the stand himself, in tears, declaring, "I am so sorry."

And his victim followed, telling the court the lesson he's learned is to never trust anyone anymore.

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