Aaron Biber owes teen rape victim $15 million

Aaron Biber

Aaron Biber

Aaron Biber is behind bars. His reputation and career are shot. His family life is over. And now the former anti-trust lawyer has learned that he owes $15 million to the teenage boy he sexually assaulted.

Of that, $10 million is for punitive damages, and $5 million for assault, battery, and emotional distress, ruled Hennepin County District Judge Denise Reilly.


Biber was once a partner with Gray Plant Mooty, treasurer of the state bar association, and a home owner in Shorewood, but he threw all that away. He started grooming a neighborhood boy to satisfy his predations, sexted the teenager pictures of his erect penis, got him drunk, and had sex with him--once so roughly the boy needed medical attention. Now he's a disgrace, sentenced to 18 years in prison.

"We are now left to try and pick up the pieces and help my son face the long-term challenges of overcoming the multitude of mental health issues created by the actions of the defendant," the victim's father wrote to the judge before sentencing. "This is a life changing event. As his father, the impact of this will be with me every day, with my every breath, for the rest of my life."