Aaron Biber, accused teen rapist, gets judge's permission to help move splintered family


Aaron Biber is getting special dispensation from a Hennepin County judge to return to his home in the western suburbs and help his family pack. He's the former business attorney with Gray Plant Mooty, and the former treasurer of the Minnesota Bar Association, arrested for plying a 14-year-old boy with drink and then raping him.

Biber's attorney, Rachel Goldberger, told Hennepin County Judge Lloyd Zimmerman that times are tough for his client, the Strib's Rochelle Olson reported. He's had to sell his home, and his family is moving in mid March. "The victim has concerns," Goldberger said, but "this has been a difficult time" for Biber.

Here's a reminder of why Biber is facing a "difficult time," via part of the criminal complaint against the man: "During the taped phone call, the defendant graphically described how much he enjoyed anally penetrating Child A and how much he enjoyed having Child A's penis penetrating his anus. He described a two-hour session of anal and oral sex without benefit of lubrication or condoms. Referring to the October 2009 abuse, the Defendant stated that he was aware Child A was "inebriated" and that Child A "was doing everything [he] could to stay awake and hard."

Over the objections of Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Judy Johnston, Zimmerman ruled that Biber could return home on an as-yet unspecified date for two hours, under police escort, while the victim was in school.

Biber, released from jail after his arrest in January after posting a half-million dollar bond and being ordered to stay away from his accuser, is scheduled to go to trial in July.