A word for the Two Harbors mom who objected to The Breakfast Club

Is this '80s tale of teen angst and triumph too racy for a Two Harbors school?

Is this '80s tale of teen angst and triumph too racy for a Two Harbors school? Universal Studios

Reader Karla Olson responds to Two Harbors parent upset teens will watch The Breakfast Club:

Um, a few things:

1) The school sent home a slip to sign. Don’t sign it and frigging deal with your own kid. 

2) I agree parents should check things out before signing. I would hope that’s a no-brainer. This mom’s suggestion seems like telling people to drink water and breathe.

3) Any parent who isn’t familiar with The Breakfast Club has been in a coma for 35 years. Or possibly a recent immigrant. If this mom had to look up the movie, she’s got far bigger problems than signing permission slips and stomping her little feet.

4) Literature (as movies are) contains objectionable material all the time. Have you checked out Shakespeare, for Pete’s sake?!? The key is context, theme, level of gratuitousness, etc. Promoting smoking on a T-shirt is not the same thing as having a character who smokes. And we all smoked in the '80s.

5) A work of literature must have conflict or it’s not literature. If a book or movie doesn’t piss you off or make you uncomfortable at some point, it’s not doing its job.

6) Sheltering one’s kids from all depictions of objectionable situations leads to adult emotional cripples who can’t function or think their way out of a paper bag. You have the right to hobble your own kids, but not others’ kids. Stop trying to parent other people’s families.