A "Transitional" Pope

Transfixed by JP2's death watch? A replay's likely in your future

Thursday's papers have finally come out and said it: At 78, Benedict XVI is expected to have a short reign.

German prelates have expressed concern about Ratzinger's health. One young priest from Cologne, who asked not to be identified, told AP in Rome that Benedict has trouble sleeping and has a "delicate constitution." The new pope's brother had expressed a similar concern in a television interview....

"I'm not very happy," Georg Ratzinger said. "He's OK, and his health is good. I just wish for him, that his health holds out and that his office isn't a worry and a nuisance to him."

And here we were hoping his papacy wouldn't be a worry and a nuisance to women, gays, abortion-rights supporters, pretty much the entire Third World, and--have we forgotten anyone? oh yeah--survivors of the long-supressed church sex abuse scandal.

More about the ways in which Benedict XVI might be illin'.

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