A skyway for bikes? One mayoral candidate's pitch


When you're running against a popular Democratic incumbent Minneapolis mayor, you've got to come up with something a little "out there". In comes Bob Carney Jr., the "moderate progressive Republican," who is running against R.T. Rybak to be Minneapolis's next mayor. He is one of 10 challengers in the race.

His proposal: An enclosed skyway system for bikes, Segways, scooters, and electric wheelchairs. Sounds pretty great, right? Unfortunately he is estimating it will cost just $50 million (yeah right) and would be on top of existing skyways in downtown Minneapolis.

Carney claims the system, which would be known as the "Sky-Bi" would allow these commuters to get around comfortably in all weather conditions. The system would connect downtown with the University of Minnesota, the Metrodome, Target Field, the Greenway, and other major destinations around downtown.

It's far fetched and unlikely in such a tough economic climate, but we can dream of the day when we don't have to wear four scarves just to breath while winter biking. And never mind the immense amount of sweat once you start to seriously pedal.

Check out his proposal via map and video below.

A map of his proposed Sky-Bi.


And his nine-minute informational video: