A scene from Constructionapolis

Surfs up, buses.

Surfs up, buses. Facebook: Bill DeVille

Months ago, Minneapolis became an undrivable dystopia for cars as I-35W -- the city's most essential roadway -- fractured into a longitudinal mountain of dirt and debris, constricting traffic to agonizingly slow makeshift lanes. 

The worst part? The construction will never end.* 

So, as we endure crawling commutes, we gotta take our masochistic yuks where we can find 'em. For example: at the top of a craggy earth mound near the Midtown Greenway. 

There's where 89.3 the Current DJ Bill DeVille captured the photo you see above. 

In the abstract, it's an impossibly deep metaphor for ... something. Literally, it's a potential badass dirt ramp for buses. And if extreme mayor Jacob Frey wants to placate the grouchy, traffic-jammed masses, he'll commission a fleet of Mad Max-ian stunt buses that shoot flames from their exhaust pipes as they soar through the air for our amusement. It's the least the city could do. 

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*It will not end for a very, very long time.