A plea for mutual respect among Minneapolis' bikers and drivers

David Joles, Star Tribune

David Joles, Star Tribune

 Reader Mike Kattner responds to We are the bicycle lobby. We are coming for your parking.:

While I completely understand keeping the law in check as far as observing car speed limits and such through residential neighborhoods, the city has blocked off entire lanes on the busiest streets to accommodate bikers.

Those of you that follow the legal rules of biking through city streets, those of you who don't flick people off for almost hitting them with a car due to running reds, we will accommodate you.

However, there is a large majority of bikers and drivers alike, who really need to step up their respect game. Those who move with respect are the people who should be rewarded. So please pass that on to your other biker friends, as I do to my biker and driving friends. Thank you.

Oh, yeah -- and wear helmets. Biking isn't supposed to be a fashion statement.