A must-read editorial by Erik Paulsen on auto dealership closures

The most compelling journalism in the Star Tribune today is an editorial written by Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen on the issue of forced closures of auto dealerships.

The piece, entitled "Why is government closing businesses?" raises a number of compelling points questioning why we're allowing the government-owned GM and Chrysler to unilaterally close successful, profitable auto dealerships with a long track record of community investment.

No one seems able to explain how these closings would save GM or Chrysler any money, sell any more cars or save any jobs. It's even more baffling considering that dealers shoulder nearly all operating costs, often through personal investment or financing.

The government should not be allowed to pick winners and losers when it comes to local dealerships.

We need input from those affected by these decisions. Local entrepreneurs who have built these dealerships should have the opportunity to fight for their businesses. Employees who have helped make a business successful should have the opportunity to keep their jobs. And taxpayers, who unfortunately now are majority owners of GM and have provided billions to Chrysler, should have the opportunity to express their concerns and ideas as these decisions are made.

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