A Minnesota town bites the dust


How would you feel if your ridiculously small town (more like a small gathering) ceased to exist? Well one Minnesota town is probably relieved that it's finally over.

Ronneby residents voted 19-8 last November to dissolve their town and today, the town no longer exists. Just a blip on the radar. The town had whopping 32 residents and will now become part of Maywood Township near St. Cloud.

As you'd expect, the taxes of 32 people don't really pay the taxes needed to keep a town functioning. And they insist Ronneby used to be a hip place to live. Get this: back in the 20th century, Ronneby had a hotel, newspaper, wood mill and three stores. Whoa.

This isn't even their first attempt to end their town. The residents voted back in 1998 to dissolve the town, but the city didn't follow proper state procedures so their attempt failed. You'd think they would try again, but they chose to live in misery for another 11 years.

According to attorney Jim Mogen who was interviewed in the St. Cloud Times, he could only find one other example of a town disappearing in the last 30 years. In 1992, Island View in Koochiching County made a similar move.