A Franken win wouldn't be the closest Minnesota election victory

The race for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat this election season was incredibly close, but still doesn't compare to another state race that has held the record since 1962. Franken currently has a 225-vote lead after the state Canvassing Board certified vote totals this week. 

Franken's lead is just 12 votes shy of the 1962 gubernatorial margin of victory record, Smart Politics says.

The 1962 gubernatorial contest still holds the record as the narrowest margin of victory among presidential, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate elections in Minnesota. DFL candidate Karl Rolvagg won against incumbent Elmer L. Anderson by just 91 votes. That's a margin of victory of 7.2985 thousandths of a percent (.000072985). 

More from Smart Politics:
While the 2008 Senate race was decided by 134 more votes, some 2.92+ million Minnesotans cast their ballots, compared to just 1.24+ million in 1962. As such, the margin of victory in the 2008 Senate race just missed setting a new record with a margin of victory of 7.7022 thousandths of a percent (.000077022). 
Had Franken defeated Coleman by just 12 fewer votes (213), the margin of victory would have been 7.2793 thousandths of a percent - and become a new state record in elections for these high profile offices.