A day at the mall

According to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County Court: Last Sunday, 18-year-old Joshua Jackson and a couple friends were cruising Lake Street in the car he'd stolen the day before when, in a stroke of bad luck, it broke down. Happily, the three pals were close to the light rail, so they hopped aboard and rode it to the Mall of America, where they spent a few hours soaking in the ubiquitous amusements. When it was time to go home, the three amigos decided not to bother with public transport. Instead, they settled on an enticing Buick Century in the parking garage. Sadly, as Jackson was hotwiring the car with a screwdriver, its rightful owner showed up. Jackson and his two friends were quickly apprehended and arrested. And, in a sign of how fragile friendship can be, two of them got right to accusing each other of breaking the car window.