9/24 Morning Must Reads

Wednesday's five most interesting stories printed on wood pulp

Gentleman club owner stripped ATM of cash It's like something out of a bad Hollywood movie. Lawrence Kladek, Inver Grove Heights King of Diamonds owner, allegedly rigged an ATM to rip off $2 million and funnel the money into a secret account. This magical ATM, which served some of the best residents of the Twin Cities as they anxiously waited for more money to shove in a stripper's g-string, was installed in 1999. "In this case, investigators say, every time customers withdrew cash at the club, money was transferred from their bank accounts into a separate account that IRS investigators say Kladek kept secret from his income tax preparers," the Star Tribune reports. Kladek allegedly used $1 million of the secret stash for personal expenses and investment and the other $1 million to make a payment on his house in Inver Grove Heights. And the best "oh-shit" moment: "In an interview Tuesday afternoon, Kladek said he had not heard about the indictment." Run for it, man.

Honey, I'm home! Fugitive mommy comes back after 14 years Holly Ann Collins, 43, is back from the Netherlands after kidnapping her children and fleeing across the Atlantic when she lost custody of them. We'll give the Star Tribune some credit for catching wind of this, but our Beth Walton deserves the real credit. Check out her report from today and also her feature from July. There seems to be a running theme in these Morning Must Reads. If you want something bad enough, take it and you might get away with it if you wait long enough.

Criminals shouldn't own pets, apparently Remember the dude who is accused of strapping his girlfriend to her motorcycle and crashing it after he beat her to death? http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2008/09/923_morning_mus.php Well now his brother is charged too. And his very own dog might be what puts him behind bars. Police found dog hair on the scene of the crime and traced it back to Timothy Boland, the brother of the boyfriend. When police found and arrested him Friday, his wonderful pup companions were happily busted in his car. These guys are screwed.

Augsburg student slain, no witnesses yet Police are still looking for witnesses in the murder of Augsburg College sophomore Ahmed Nur Ali. He was shot to death in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood outside a community center in broad daylight. Police believe he was the intended victim, but have no evidence he was involved in any criminal activity. Joseph Sodd III, a dance student home from college, was found stabbed June 18 in an intersection about a block from where Abdi was killed.

Circus kiddos meet their idols Circus Juventas youth performers re-created part of their summer show for a group of Cirque du Soleil circus performers visiting Tuesday. These aren't clown car and elephant balancing acts; their stunts are quite fascinating. The kids can't seem to get those cheesy grins off their faces. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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