9/23 Morning Must Reads

Morning Must Reads-- Tuesday's five most interesting stories printed on wood pulp

Staging death A 33-year-old Anoka man is accused of staging his girlfriend's death in a motorcycle accident after he allegedly beat her to death during an argument, police said Monday. Charges filed say that the man strapped Natasha Waalen, 28, to her motorcycle with a red nylon strap and crashed the motorcycle to make it appear that her death was an accident.

Don't bring weapons to school, even in your car A Blaine teenager was suspended from school for 10 days after school officials spotted a box cutter in his car in the high school's parking lot. Luckily the school board cut this kid a break and voted to allow him to come back to school today. Tony Richard, 17, admitted to having the box cutter in his car's cup holder Sept. 5, which he uses as an employee at Cub Foods to (can you guess?) cut up boxes. Lesson learned? Don't leave your potential weapons out in plain view and you won't be labeled a crazy unsettled teenager waiting for your prime moment to attack.

It's confirmed: Minnesota is white, boring and still unknown to everyone else in the country The Pioneer Press analyzed Census data to show Minnesota's ranking in a lot of different areas including diversity, housing, transportation and family life. Minnesota ranked 23rd of 51 when taking the average of 65 measures in the latest Census data from 2007. But no fears! The Pioneer Press assures us we aren't normal, despite completely misleading us with their lead. We are best in the nation when it comes to percent of people who own their own home — 75 percent compared to national average of 67 percent. We are tied for best in the nation with 81 percent of people age 16 to 64 in the work force and 91 percent of adults have a high school diploma. The national average is 85 percent. Phew, I was so worried I was living in a hell hole, but now I can keep my breakfast down. Read the full stats here.

RNC violence up close All of the screaming protesters were finally heard. The Pioneer Press lays out exactly what parts of the police force will be analyzed in the coming weeks to determine if anything went wrong while dealing with the protests during the Republican National Convention. What seemed to start as an outcry from sources below the mainstream media is now gaining national attention as the local papers start to catch up. We know firsthand: some of our reporters were attacked on the job.

MN Historical Society collects junk from Republicans When John McCain is completely obliterated at the polls Nov. 4, you'll probably want to raid your home of any memorabilia that might associate you with the old man's campaign. Pack it all up and dump it at the Minnesota Historical Society and no one will judge you. They just want to preserve history.

Random TV link of the day: CBS News featured a Muslim Girl Scout troop in Minnesota
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