9/22 Morning Must Reads

Monday's five most interesting stories printed on wood pulp:

It might stink, but it's saving the planet The Star Tribune reports on suburbs trying their hand at compost recycling as neighbors make a stink about throwing away organic materials. Kitchen garbage, including fruit, veggies, meat, fish, bones, eggshells, coffee ground, pizza boxes, paper towels and milk containers make up about 20 percent of the waste stream and some rubbish companies are trying to capitalize on the green movement and train residents to separate their garbage. Just be thankful all of your green friends aren't trying this in their backyards.

Jumping on the pink triangle bandwagon Now you can't just be open and inviting to homosexuals. You have to prove it. A St. Paul church learned the hard way when it tried to hire a lesbian pastor and had to apply for official certification as a welcoming church for GLBT folks.

Resident chickens in Burnsville Stefan Remund, 11, has a family of chickens and his family can't bear to let them go. After buying a flock of chickens to house in their backyard, Stefan learned that doing so is against city rules. Who could tell a kid to kick out his beloved pets? Especially when they have been named ShaKota, Sally, Pudd’n, Rachel and Miss Monroe. Turns out if you want something illegal, your best bet is to buy it and then try to change the law.

Consequences of supporting working women Having progressive views on equal pay in the workplace might just mean you get paid less too. A study released today shows that men who support equal wages for their female counterparts make much less than men with "traditional" views of women in the workplace. Men with old-fashioned attitudes about gender roles earned $11,930 more a year than men who supported equality. They also made $14,404 more than women with these old school views. Selfish men unite!

Can I crash on your couch? Budget traveling at its best: Couch surfing. You can even crash on Jeff Shaw's couch! It's like MySpace, but instead of pretending to be friends, you can make a beeline for the stranger's home. They offer a couch, but maybe there's a spot in their king-size bed if you're cute.

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