9/13: Morning Communique


Paul Demko drops his shorts to give you a Minnesota Thunder update at Live Nude Weblog.


The Daily Telegraph is reporting doctors working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans euthanized critically ill patients rather than leave them to die in agony as they evacuated.

Saudi Arabia's newly enthroned King Abdullah has told his citizens they should no longer kiss their monarch's hand because it is degrading and un-Islamic.

A transgendered Hurricane Katrina evacuee jailed for five days after showering in the women's bathroom at a Texas shelter was released Friday after the county attorney declined to press charges.

A German brewer has concocted what he says is the world's strongest beer, a potent drink with an alcohol content of 25.4 percent that is served in a shot glass.


Best wishes to Wendy at two dolla as she works through her snot problems and Clay Aiken infatuation.


TechCrunch has the Top Ten Things You Can Do To Get Blogged. Number 11 is write an article called Top Ten Things You Can Do To Get Blogged.

The Birth of Frodo?


"There's nothing good about big-government conservatism. It's an iron triangle of politicians, lobbyists and industry wallowing in the spoils of government contracting and favoritism linked to campaign contributions. The recipient of big-government liberalism is likely to be a 90-year-old who can't get out of bed, or a pregnant teen in need of pre-natal care. The recipient of big-government conservatism is a Halliburton executive or someone who lobbies on Halliburton's behalf."

-- Steve Rundio, editorial page editor for Tomah Newspapers [via Andrew Sullivan]

"We don't blow sources, period, especially if we don't have reason to believe the source in this case actually lied deliberately."

-- Washington Post's Spencer Hsu, on not revealing the "senior Bush official" who falsely claimed, in a story co-authored by Hsu and printed on Sept. 4, that Louisiana Gov. Blanco stilled hadn't declared a state of emergency. Blanco delcared a state of emergency on Aug. 26.

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