88 MN post offices studied for closure [LIST]

People in affected areas have 60 days to comment on the closures.

People in affected areas have 60 days to comment on the closures.

The U.S. Postal Service might be closing thousands of post offices across the country, and 88 of those being considered for permanent shutdown are in Minnesota.

The Postal Service released a list of 3,653 prospective branches that have become targets for closure, the latest announcement in a rapidly letter-less country.

More than 6,000 post offices have closed in the last decade, including 280 this year.

Six offices in the Twin Cities are now threatened with closure. In Minneapolis, post offices in Dinkytown, Butler Quarter, the Commerce office downtown, and one on Lowry Avenue are under review; in St. Paul, the Riverview office and the Seeger Square Finance office could close.

The 88 offices under review in Minnesota fall mostly in the least populated areas, meaning  people in those places could wind up sending their mail from convenience stores, libraries and government buildings. Metro residents would just have to go a bit more out of their way to get something sent.

Now that these offices have been selected for review, people who use them have 60 days to file comment on the issue.

Proposed Post Office closures in the Twin Cities:

Here's a list of all 88 offices facing closure.