81-year-old marathon runner uses stranger's catheter to finish race

81-year-old marathon runner uses stranger's catheter to finish race
Photo by jeremiah3

It's one thing just to see an 81-year-old man running a marathon like it's no big deal. Makes us feel a little... lazy? But get this: This man was so determined to finish the Twin Cities Marathon Sunday that he used a stranger's catheter to do it. That's just nasty.

Jerry Johncock (we'll refrain from the jokes) set the U.S. marathon record last year for men in the 80-84 bracket. And this year he was determined to finish again. Even when he had an extreme urge to pee at mile 21, but it wouldn't come out. With 5.2 miles left to go, he wasn't going to give up that easy.

Johncock has had this problem before during long races and stopped at an aid station to see if they had a catheter he could use. He said he just had a little bit of clotted blood in his urethra. When the medical aids insisted he drop out of the race and get to a hospital, he refused. He's never dropped out of a race since starting to run at age 50 and competing in more than 100 marathons.

But that urge to pee was just too strong. He wouldn't finish in this state.

Lucky for Johncock, someone in the crowd overheard the man's dilemma. Believe it or not, he just happened to have a spare catheter hanging out in his car. Wait, WTF?

Johncock inserted it on his own (WTF x2). "I must have had a pint of urine inside me," he said in the Pioneer Press report. Ick.

So how did he do? He finished 5:22:17. His record last year was 3:59:12. If only that man with the spare catheter had come to his rescue sooner. Or maybe you shouldn't be running 26.2 miles in one day if you need a catheter do it.

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