800 law enforcement layoff notices? Not today, after all

Layoff notices are delayed for a little while.

Layoff notices are delayed for a little while.

Even in the escalating game of chicken surrounding the state budget negotiations, this morning's story was an attention-grabber: Layoff notices were going out today to some 800 law enforcement officers, including State Troopers.

Just in case anyone was wondering about what a state government shutdown might actually look like.


The notices, which only alert recipients to potential layoffs, are required under union contracts. In a deal worked out today, negotiators worked out a deal to put them off until June 10. Then they'll go out with another 35,000 notices. KSTP reports the targets: The Minnesota Law Enforcement Association, Minnesota Nurses Association, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, AFSCME Council 5 and the State Residential Schools Education Association.

All of them could be laid off July 1 if a budget agreement isn't reached.

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