8/5: Morning Communique


Senator Norm Coleman has submitted a statement into the Congressional Record denouncing a final report issued by the United Nations' Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) suggesting that the U.N. assume global governance of the Internet.

Raw Story has a piece on a forthcoming Vanity Fair article on FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds involving bribery accusations against Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.

Another reason to disband the European Union: According to The Sun, the EU wants to ban bar maids from wearing low-cut tops in an effort to curb skin cancer.


Life coach Hanna helps you step out of your comfort zone, check your compass, and offers a little support at Making A Difference.

TIME WASTERS, the legendary urban legend debunking site, finds there are odd questions even they can't answer.

A disturbing collection of depressing classic rocks songs in MIDI format. Have at least the "9" and the first "1" dialed before you start listening.


"The big fish fight with the big fish and we get the splash."

-- Xang Vang, of the Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association, on the cancellation of Rep. Mark Kennedy's public forum in St. Paul after Rep. Betty McCollum claimed it was a campaign stop

"Rafael Palmeiro is a friend. He testified in public and I believe him. He's the kind of person that's going to stand up in front of the klieg lights and say he didn't use steroids, and I believe him. Still do."

-- President George W. Bush, August 1, 2005, on Baltimore Orioles first baseman Rafael Palmeiro, who was suspended Monday for 10 days for violating baseball's anti-drug policy

"If Tyson brings out some of the ferocity that made him a champion, he could definitely become a successful porn star."

-- Boxing journalist Pedro Fernandez, on the cash-strapped Mike Tyson possibly starring in an X-rated film with Jenna Jameson

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