8/25: Morning Communique


The current warming trends in the Arctic may shove the Arctic system into a seasonally ice-free state not seen for more than one million years, according to a new report. The melting is accelerating, and a team of researchers were unable to identify any natural processes that might slow the de-icing of the Arctic.

Volvo is experimenting with a built-in breathalyzer and speed governor to reduce road accidents.

A 73-year-old veteran wore a stylish "Bullshit Protector" over his ear during President Bush's VFW speech in Idaho recently.

There are 490 female students at Timken High School, and 65 are pregnant, according to a recent report in the Canton (Ohio) Repository.


A critical view of local and national politics can be yours from a Democrat named Fang at The Minnesota Critic.


Nizlopi have a somewhat cheesy father-son song called "JCB" with a kickin' flash video.

Audio hilarity ensues when five of the most-recognized movie trailer voice-over artists get together to promote the Hollywood Report Key Art Awards.


"When we came back from exile, we thought we were going to improve rights and the position of women. But look what has happened -- we have lost all the gains we made over the last 30 years. It's a big disappointment."

-- Safia Taleb al-Souhail, Iraq's ambassador to Egypt, on the proposed Iraqi constitution

"We want to sell gasoline and heating fuel directly to poor communities in the United States."

-- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, target of televangelist assassination plot

"The picture of marriage is the picture of Christian salvation. Any diminishing of that notion - whether homosexual marriage or any other degradation of marriage - is something we must fight in public policy."

-- Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN), speaking to an Indiana Family Institute program, declaring that divorce on demand is as dangerous as gay marriage

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