7 great marijuana scenes in movies

To celebrate our feature story focusing on the legalization of medical marijuana, we've compiled some of our favorite weed-centric movie scenes. From Tarantino's Jackie Brown to Linklater's Dazed & Confused, here are 7 clips:

Jackie Brown
Bridget Fonda's character in this Quentin Tarantino classic mostly just lounges around on the couch smoking weed while all the main characters try to stay alive. This earns her a mild lecture from Samuel L. Jackson's Ordell Robbie, which she answers with the ultimate stoner argument.

Easy Rider

It's the mother of all stoner movies, and perhaps most famous for the campfire scene in which Peter Fonda (as Captain America), introduces Jack Nicholson (George Hanson) to his first doobie. "This is grass," Fonda says. "You mean marijuana?" Nicholson says. "Lord have mercy, is that what that is? Let me see that." Fonda gets him to light up, and Nicholson and Dennis Hopper start in on a long conversation about UFOs. Fonda says Nicholson should smoke some more in the morning: "It gives you a whole new way of looking at the day."

After graduating from Oberlin College James is disappointed to find that his parents will be unable to help him financially through grad school. Instead of backpacking through Europe he applies for a job at Adventureland, a shitty amusement park that is perpetually playing Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" (the film is set in the 1980s). Though he has a limited amount of weed to get him through the summer, James decides to cheer up his coworkers (played by the dude from Freaks and Geeks and the chic from Twilight) by surprising them with pot brownies. The buzz is harshed when some guy gets angry upon discovering that one of the games is rigged. Thankfully his boss saves the day by going nuts with a baseball bat. It's all followed by a heartfelt stoner makeout scene.

Animal House

Donald Sutherland plays stoner Professor Jennings. In a movie better known for being beer-soaked, he mellows out Boon (Peter Reigert), Katy (Karen Allen in her pre-Indiana Jones days) and Pinto (Thomas Hulce) with an offer to get high. The blinds are lowered. The door is locked. Candles are lit. Toke-age ensues. Then sheer profundity. As Sutherland leers, a sweetly stoned and naïve Pinto comes to the conclusion that, "Our whole solar system could be like one tiny atom under the fingernail of some other giant being. Oh. Oh. This is too much! That means one tiny atom under my fingernail could be..." "One tiny universe," replies Jennings. Whoa.

Dazed & Confused

Part of the thrill of weed when you're a teenager is the danger of getting caught, making the act of smoking up in your own bedroom a good point of suspense for any coming-of-age movie. Richard Linklater's take on the situation from his classic Dazed & Confused is every bit as tense and fraught with peril as any police interrogation scene, pitting a bunch of culprits who do a pretty lousy job of hiding their transgressions against some suspicious -- but not suspicious-enough -- parents, who are preoccupied with concerns over a different illicit substance showing up on their front door. Bonus points for Rory Cochrane's Ron Slater hiding the stash beneath his shirt -- which sports a gigantic pot leaf on the front.

It's the giant joint that makes this classic scene. That and Bill Murray's slightly slow character detailing his masterpiece: golfcourse grass that will get you high.

Walk Hard
Tim Meadows tries to convince John C. Reilly's Dewey Cox not to try reefer, but somehow his argument proves unpersuasive. Possibly because his reasons are a list of every great thing about weed. It's one of the funniest weed moments in cinema - and one of the few funny scenes in this tired film.