7/8: Morning Communique


Jack Sparks delivers the 3rd Edition of his Top 100 Country Songs of All Time at The Other Side of Country.

THESE DAYS is moving thousands of Christians to South Carolina to reestablish constitutionally limited government founded upon Christian principles.

Microsoft recently acquired a spyware company called Claria (known for its spyware product, Gator). They have since updated Windows' antispyware app so that it advises users to ignore Gator spyware. [via Boing Boing]


Pop culture riffs, odd photos, and the ugliest dog in Santa Barbara can be found on Planet Dan.


Behold the Growth of a Nation! A ten minute flash presentation about America more informative than most high school social studies courses.

If you think Stuff On My Cat features numerous photos of disgruntled-looking felines with stuff on them, you'd be correct.


"The war is being won, if not already won, I think. [Iraq] is stabilized and we want the soldiers themselves to tell the story."

-- Retired Air Force Col. Buzz Patterson, host of "The Buzz Cut" on Rightalk. Patterson has joined a contingent of conservative talk radio hosts headed to Iraq on a "Truth Tour."


"The sentencing of Judith Miller to jail for refusing to disclose her sources is the direct result of the culture of unaccountability that infects the Bush White House from top to bottom. President Bush's refusal to enforce his own call for full cooperation with the Special Counsel has brought us to this point. Clearly, the conspiracy to cover up the web of lies that underpinned the invasion of Iraq is more important to the White House than coming clean on a serious breach of national security. Thus has Ms. Miller joined my wife, Valerie [Plame], and her twenty years of service to this nation as collateral damage in the smear campaign launched when I had the temerity to challenge the President on his assertion that Iraq had attempted to purchase uranium yellowcake from Africa."

-- Ambassador Joseph Wilson

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