7/29: Morning Communique


Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf joined the Bush administration's war on terrorism and publicly turned against the Taliban immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks. But Afghan officials allege that Taliban and allied fighters who fled to Pakistan after the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001 are learning new, more lethal tactics from the Pakistani military at numerous training bases.

Congressman Tom DeLay slipped a $1.5 billion giveaway to the oil industry, Halliburton, and Sugar Land, Texas into the energy bill.

CIA officials used a sledgehammer handle to beat various prisoners in Iraq, and one official, whose name is classified, would often brag about his abuse of prisoners, according to testimony in a closed session of a military hearing.


Check out a very special episode of OpenDoors in which Aaron works through his problem of hating everyone else with the name Aaron. Two hankies.


The Washington Post declares that podcasting has jumped the couch, noting forays into the former grassroots technology by Ted Koppel and the "Queer Eye" guys.

Lingerie for cows


"The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself. All we need is one more liar."

-- octogenerian UPI reporter Helen Thomas, speaking to

"I screamed and slammed on the brakes, I couldn't believe it. It's very strange to see my cleavage the size of a brontosaurus. My breasts were huge."

-- actress Scarlett Johansson, upon seeing a billboard for her new movie The Island

"The president's position is not pro-science today. I'm someone who is pro-research, pro-hope, and I'm also pro-life."

-- Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN), on stem-cell research in Roll Call

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