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Steve Monaco has this week's Monday Movie Quiz at Couch Pundit.


A growing number of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leaders and volunteers are questioning the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in donations collected in the past 15 months, challenging the organization's leadership over financial accountability.

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan have posted an open letter to actor Luke Wilson on their website, encouraging him to convince his brother, Owen, to apologize for his involvement in the movie You, Me & Dupree, the premise of which they feel was swiped from their 2001 song "Cousin Dupree."

An Oregon man has filed a lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Nike founder Phil Knight for $832 million, saying he is tired of being mistaken for the Chicago Bulls legend. Looks like a suit against Montel Williams could also be in the works.


Girl Detective longs for a special ring of hell set aside for spammers, telephone solicitors, and junk mail senders. Follow GD's efforts in her year-long movie and book challenges and in baby-rearing at her eponymous blog.

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Photo galleries of the Cavity Lake wildfires in the Boundary Waters

Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager

All your snakes (on a plane) are belong to us [via Fazed]


"I'd always thought marrying a blood relative as close as a cousin was immoral, and certainly risky if you plan to have kids. Conventional wisdom says only primitive people who live in isolated places marry cousins. It leads to stupid children. But that's a myth. It's the sort of myth that leads to stupid laws. Half the states in America have banned cousin marriage, but there's no good reason for it. You can marry your cousin and have perfectly intelligent kids."

-- contributor and ABC News commentator John Stossel, confronting one of the most divisive cultural issues of our time