7/12: Morning Communique


Plain Dealer Editor Doug Clifton says the Cleveland daily is not reporting two major investigative stories of "profound importance" because they are based on illegally leaked documents -- and the paper fears the consequences faced now by jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller.

The anti-Muslim backlash feared worldwide following the London bombings surfaced in Auckland, New Zealand, on Sunday morning as six mosques were desecrated.

A high school in Vail, Arizona, will become the state's first all-wireless, all-laptop public school this fall. The 350 students at the school will not have traditional textbooks. Instead, they will use electronic and online articles as part of more traditional teacher lesson plans.

Advance trend numbers for spring radio ratings in the Miami market, leaked to Raw Story, reveal that liberal talk radio, most notably Ed Schultz, posted hefty gains against the once-indomitable Rush Limbaugh.


We can spell Paul DeBettignies and tell you his blog, MN Headhunter, focuses on employment and business news.


In the style of Sorry Everybody and Kisses to the Universe, comes We're Not Afraid, in response to the London terror attacks. has compiled the Top 13 Most Overrated Songs


"There is something about strolling amid aisles of firearms that gives one a sense of safety and well-being."

-- Conservative uber-blogger John Hinderaker, on visiting a gun store in Watertown, South Dakota


"I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Newman is in charge in Washington."

-- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), on the "What, me worry?" presidency of George W. Bush

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