6/9: Morning Communique


Corey Anderson "adds" songs 51 through 54 to Minnesota's Fifty Greatest Hits at American Idle.

Peter S. Scholtes adds 22 hip hop songs and eight R&B classics to the list at Complicated Fun.

The Simpsons movie is a go, while Universal dumps Watchmen. More cartoon, movie, and graphic novel news at Culture to Go.


The Tulsa Parks Board discussed a controversial plan Tuesday morning to install an exhibit chronicling the biblical account of creation in the Tulsa Zoo.

Call centers in India are eliminating the practice of using accents like Texas drawls, primarily because enough Americans now realize the calls are being outsourced. [via Undernews]

The state would start naming companies with the most workers enrolled in taxpayer-funded Medicaid programs if Gov. Blagojevich signs a measure that business leaders say would have no impact other than to generate "a list of shame" that would embarrass them.


News and politics get sent through the ringer at the Minnesota Critic.


Clothing for chickens

A South African fisherman who lost his right thumb now has a right thumb again, but one less big toe.

Rapid afterimage optical illusion

The over-rated play Rent comes to the big screen this fall with Rosario Dawson, Taye Diggs, and Jesse L. Martin.


"God gives me ideas, and I paint them."

-- 10-year-old painter Akiane Kramarik of Spokane, whose work sells for between $1,500 and $2,500

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