6/7/2005: The Morning Communique


Steve Monaco's got last week's answers and winners, and this week's Monday Movie Quiz at Couch Pundit.

Does your ass have what it takes to be on the cover of "Born in the U.S.A.?" Lindsey Thomas at This is Pop turns us on to a place that recreates album covers... and you're the star!


Stoners in rural Minnesota keep stealing road signs for 420th Avenue to hang on their walls, prompting Waseca County to change its street names.

A conservative Christian activist group said Monday that it had suspended its boycott of Ford Motor Co. after Ford dealers promised to lobby the automaker to address the group's concerns about its support for gay and lesbian rights.

Italy's justice minister, a member of the right-wing Northern League party, was accused of fueling anti-Islamic sentiment in Italy Sunday after saying he would fine women wearing the all-covering burka.

The Washington Note reports from a highly placed intelligence source, "with direct knowledge," that one of the 10 intercept requests made by John Bolton was about Libya. The identity of the U.S. official requested by Bolton was William Burns, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.


Dennis is trying to get the left and the right together at the Moderate Republican.


Call the Internet

Celine Dion's probably taken her scary cover of Michael Jackson's Bad out of the Vegas show, at least until the jury is done deliberating.

The Gallery of "Bush = Hitler" Allusions


"The publication is irreverent. People don't take it seriously as a publication, and neither do we."

-- Gov. Tim Pawlenty, on City Pages

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