6/6/2005: The Morning Communique


How did Dan Barreiro's byline end up on George Mikan's Star Tribune obit? Because the obit was almost as old as Mikan himself. Get the inside scoop at The Blotter.

Diablo Cody has a bit of a shedding problem. Read all about it at Pussy Ranch.

Will the last person working at the Walker Art Center please turn out the lights? Get the latest on the WAC mass exodus at Culture to Go.

Follow the Twins, Vikings, and the basketball playoffs at Balls, City Pages' new sports blog.


Around 1452 the first operational printing press was created, followed in 1799 by lithographic printing. Now, these inventions are reflected in the world's first bacterial printing press. The press will print live bacteria onto solid surfaces in precise patterns, a technique that may help explain how bacteria influence each other spatially.

The number of people buying music online has doubled since last year, but illegal downloads are also on the up. Research by NPD Group found that consumers purchased 25.9 million songs in March 2005.

A Seminole County, Florida, woman is under arrest, accused of cyberstalking mystery novelist Randy Wayne White.


How does Ian Whitney's list of MN bloggers stack up against ours? Click here to find out!


Check yourself in the mirror one more time before you go out, or Inappropriately Dressed will bust you!

"I divorced my husband because he loves Jimmy Buffett"... find creative artwork depicting intimate thoughts at PostSecret.

Google will provide a $4500 award to each student who successfully completes an open source project by the end of the summer.


"I have great respect for Ronny Howard. But he never called me for any factual information about my father. They distorted his character. They didn't have to make him an ogre to make Jimmy Braddock a hero."

-- "Beverly Hillbillies" star Max Baer Jr. (Jethro), on the negative portrayal of his father, boxer Max Baer, in the Ron Howard-directed film "Cinderella Man"

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