6/23: Morning Communique


Jack Sparks busts on Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham for distracting people from his recent chicanery by bringing up a flag burning amendment The Other Side of Country.

Steve Perry turns us on to Kennedy conspiracy theorist turned movie business columnist Edward Jay Epstein at Culture to Go.


Sperling's BestPlaces culled data on 50 U.S. cities from both public and private sources to publish the Fifty Healtiest Cities in America, with Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked thirteenth, and apparently partially located in America's Dairyland according to the chart's "MN-WI" state designation.

Guilford Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Douglas Albright has stated that an oath taken on the Quran is not a lawful oath under North Carolina law. The law refers to laying one's hand on the "Holy Scriptures."

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) apologized Tuesday for calling TV reporter Ted Oberg a "mo-fo."


Tracy E. is a microscopist that slips cools things under his microscope and publishes the results at Artsy Science.


John Aravosis at AmericaBlog is calling out the Today Show for restricting their wedding contest to hetero couples.

Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s

Someone spent a lot of time and effort putting telephone ads from the 1910s through the 1970s on the internet, the least you can do is go take a look.

AO/Technorati Open Media 100


"You know I've got one of those wonderful ideas... women should be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances."

-- 74-year-old Formula One president and CEO Bernie Ecclestone, discussing female racer Danica Patrick's fourth-place finish in this year's Indianapolis 500. He apologized to Patrick last weekend, yet repeated the comments during their phone conversation.

"You know, if Houston, Texas, was held to the same standard as Iraq is held to, nobody'd go to Houston, because all this reporting coming out of the local press in Houston is violence, murders, robberies, deaths on the highways."

-- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX)

"Oh my God, his daughters! I'd love to party with his daughters. I'd love to meet them. I totally want to have sex with them."

-- Porn star Mary Carey, who was a guest at a GOP fundraiser attended by the president, discussing the First Daughters

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