6/2/2005: Morning Communique


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Long term daily use of ibuprofen has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and long term daily use of aspirin has been linked to an increased risk of ER/PR-negative breast cancer.

Percy Arrowsmith, 105, and his 100-year-old wife Florence celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary yesterday.


He might say Kristi Ally instead of Kirstie Alley, but don't let that stop you from checking out Unprintable Version.


Get the Los Angeles weather report every day from David Lynch.

Star Wars Episode III Easter Eggs

The latest site from the Gawker Media Empire: the gambling site Oddjack


"So for me to... be able to get in the booth and let all my anger out was wonderful. Because sometimes you can't let all your anger out there because you might endanger yourself, your brothers or do something you're not supposed to do. It was a beautiful outlet."

-- Staff Sgt. Terrance Staves, discussing "Live From Iraq," an album he and a few other Fort Hood soldiers wrote, recorded and produced while on a one-year deployment in Iraq

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