6/16: Morning Communique


Local club news, phallic logo awards, and news footage of a trailer park explosion featuring David Lynch bit players at Culture to Go.

Bob Smith shares the story of victory for Minnesota hairbraiders over onerous regulatory requirements at No Force No Fraud.


Wal-Mart Stores will continue to sell VHS tapes for as long as its customers want them, said a spokeswoman for the world's largest retailer. Yeah, right next to their extensive 8-track collection.

A date palm seedling nicknamed Methuselah is growing in a pot on a kibbutz in Israel's Arava desert from a 2,000-year-old seed.

In Hollywood, movie producers, directors, actors and crew workers bouncing from one job to the next have traditionally relied on agents and Rolodexes for finding their next gigs. But these days, many are discovering it's easier to post their job availability on IM.

New World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz said the key to helping Africa's poor cotton growers was to cut the subsidies paid to U.S. and European agriculture producers.


Doug blogs about podcasting, movies, business, and the media at My Divine Comedy.


Savage Chickens Chicken cartoons by Doug Savage

Yet another Al Franken running for senator story, this time from David Carr at the NY Times.

Futurama tagline Flickr set


"It is hard to exaggerate the importance of a scientific debate over the cause of the collapse of the twin towers and building 7. If the official wisdom on the collapses is wrong, as I believe it is, then policy based on such erroneous engineering analysis is not likely to be correct either. The government's collapse theory is highly vulnerable on its own terms. Only professional demolition appears to account for the full range of facts associated with the collapse of the three buildings."

-- Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term, restarting 9/11 conspiracy theories

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