6/10: Morning Communique


Paul Demko has a Minnesota Thunder update at Live Nude Weblog!

Britt Robson has an NBA Finals Preview at Balls, City Pages' new sports blog.

Do you have what it takes to be in a City Pages cover model's band? Find out at Culture to Go.


Media Matters compares a Vanity Fair excerpt of Edward Klein's new Hillary Clinton book with Sidney Blumenthal's The Clinton Wars, and finds a bit of content "borrowing."

Hundreds of cases involving breath-alcohol tests have been thrown out by Seminole County (FL) judges in the past five months because the test's manufacturer will not disclose how the machines work.

Cancer survivor and Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter believes U.S. House members may look back ruefully on the vote against the stem-cell-research bill as the one that helped get them tossed out of office.


Jack Pine Savage on Howard Dean, George Mikan, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, and juvie plum wine at Curly Tales of War Pigs.


A creepy, lecherous puppet named Sailor Martin has been spotted in innocent 1950s movies, such as "What Makes a Good Party". More Sailor Martin movies are here.

Fifty-four-year-old former Nashville singer William Windsor prefers to be known as the bonnet-wearing, pink shorty dress-wearing HeidiLynn. The clerks at the local supermarket prefer Baby Man. [via Obscure Store]

Comedian Louis CK's dog trying to bite water exiting a lawn sprinkler

Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" ads, featuring the cheesy Bon Jovi-esque balladeer, were somewhat amusing. Somehow, the gut-busting salute to Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer never made it to my television.


"The world is more likely to run out of uses for oil than Saudi Arabia is going to run out of oil."

-- Adel al-Jubeir, top foreign policy adviser for Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler Crown Prince Abdullah

"It had been my feeling that AIDS was a disease largely spread by reckless and voluntary sexual and drug-abusing behavior, and that it would probably be confined to those in high risk populations. I was wrong."

-- Former Senator Jesse Helms, in his new memoir "Here's Where I Stand"

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