5 Future Pawlenty Pop Culture References: Comment Of The Day

Tim Pawlenty: Pop culture icon.

Tim Pawlenty: Pop culture icon.

Tim Pawlenty made some tortured references to Charlie Sheen and Lady Gaga in a speech to Iowa college Republicans the other day, evidently in a bid for the youth vote.

After that, and T-Paw's never-ending spate of Hollywood movie trailers aimed at hiding his innately boring vibe, commenter Vitajex felt obligated to e-mail us his 5 Future Pawlenty Pop-Culture References:


1. Comes on stage in a dirty bathrobe holding a White Russian and insists that "The Paw abides."

2. Appears with his hair teased into a pouf and begins trying to 'smush' with any CPAC donor in an Ed Hardy shirt with a fist in the air.

3. Stands outside his fancy house wearing a wife-beater and a 'do rag and tells people to "Hide your children! Hide your wife!" from 'Obamacare'.

4. Attempts to cash in on the hottest youth trend by constantly working song snippets from The Andrews Sisters into stump speeches.

5. Walks around with whiskers painted on his face, asking anyone who will listen: "I Can Haz Cheezburger?"

What else can T-Paw do to sound hip and relevant? Let us know in the comments below the post.

Watch the T-Paw movie trailers: