47-pound Asian carp caught in Lake Pepin -- it's one of the ugliest fish you'll see [PHOTO]

This monster was caught in Lake Pepin earlier this month.
This monster was caught in Lake Pepin earlier this month.

Asian carp are invasive. And they're frickin' ugly.

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On November 16, a commercial fisherman on Lake Pepin hauled in the 47-pound bighead carp pictured above. The DNR says it's the largest Asian carp they've seen to date.

WCCO provides some context:

"This recent find is not surprising, as bighead carp were also found in Lake Pepin in 2003 and 2007," said Tim Schlagenhaft of the DNR's Mississippi River team at Lake City. "It adds more evidence that Asian carp continue to work their way up the Mississippi River."

The Asian carp is a nonnative species that can cause serious ecological problems as they spread to new waters.

According to the DNR, bighead carp can weigh up to 110 pounds and silver carp up to 60 pounds. They are voracious eaters capable of consuming 5 to 20 percent of their body weight each day, feeding on algae and other microscopic organisms, often noncompeting native fish for food.

That's bad, but even worse would be encountering that big ugly thing while snorkeling. I think I'd probably have a heart attack.

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