45 percent of Minnesota's pregnancies unintended, says new report

A lot of pregnancies in 2008 were a surprise.

So says a new report from the Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive health. When one of its researchers crunched the 2008 numbers, she found that in 31 states, more than half of pregnancies were unintended.

Minnesota, though, wasn't one of them.

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According to the institute's analysis, here, relatively "just" 45 percent of all pregnancies in 2008 were unintended. Cross-reference that number with Minnesota's female population, and the figure breaks down to 43 unintended pregnancies per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44. That's 4.3 percent of all Minnesota women of child-bearing age who experienced an unintended pregnancy.

"Unintended" means different things. The institute split that label into two categories, "mistimed" and "unwanted." Most of the women who found themselves unexpectedly pregnant in 2008 wanted a baby at some point, the institute found, just not right then: While 27 percent of the unintended pregnancies were unwanted, many more -- 73 percent -- came at the wrong time.

For a better idea of how Minnesota compares, Delaware topped the list with 70 unintended pregnancies per 1,000 women, and New Hampshire brought up the low end, with 31 per 1,000. Across the country, rates tended to be higher in the south and southwest, and in states with big cities. To visualize the trends, the institute put together a map:

For Minnesota and for most states, the institute got its data from several sources, including a pregnancy monitoring survey known as PRAMS and a Guttmacher-conducted census of abortion providers.

Update 9:20 a.m.: This post was corrected to more clearly represent the numbers.

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