42-inch muskie caught on Lake Nokomis [PHOTO]

Last Tuesday evening, Minneapolis resident Craig Quam caught what has to be one of, if not the largest, fish swimming in Lake Nokomis.

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Using a shiner minnow and a small pole, Quam, 47, reeled in a 42-inch, roughly 30-pound muskie.

"I've never seen a live fish that big," Quam told KSTP.

After struggling for 15 minutes to haul the muskie onboard, Quam posed for a photo with his big catch before he released it back into the waters of Lake Nokomis.

"What do you do with a fish that big?" Quam said. "It's a trophy. I didn't want to kill it."

According to DNR data from 2010 (the most recent year available), out of more than 2,000 fish sampled in Lake Nokomis that year, only three (all muskies) were longer than 30 inches, let alone 40.

"I'm guessing that it is the fish of the lifetime," Quam told KSTP.

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