4 teen boys allegedly raped Minneapolis girl for gang initiation

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

4 teen boys accused of raping 13-year-old girl

A 13-year-old Minneapolis girl was allegedly gang-raped by four teen boys this weekend at a St. Paul residence. The boys-- one 16, two 15 and one 13-- are accused of raping the girl as part of a initiation into a Hmong gang known as the Mafia Gangsters.

Major funding likely coming to Minnesota for transportation projects

The next major spending bill, which stalled in last year's Congress include $91 million for the Northstar Corridor rail project and the Central Corridor. The funding is part of a $410 billion bill that House Democrats plan to pass today.

Nordstrom decides it is too cool for Ridgedale

Bad news for Ridgedale Center: Nordstrom pulled out of a deal with the mall, blaming the mall's owner. It had planned to open a store there in fall 2011.

Church choir director accused of sexually assaulting girl in choir, but this isn't the first

A known Twin Cities gospel singer and church choir director is charged with sexually assaulting a teen in the choir. The worst part: He's been in nearly identical situations with underage girls in the past. Why is he still directing choirs with young girls in them?

Felon sentenced to 30 days in jail for voting

Lesson learned: If you're a felon, don't try to vote illegally. Unless you want to head straight back to the clinker.