2nd precinct cops trying new way to quell U house parties


Want a paycheck with some job security? Try being a police officer charged with keeping order in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Minnesota campus on a weekend night, where the efforts to quell out-of-control house parties can start to feel like a game of whack-a-mole.

Now, that lugubrious state of affairs appears to have taken a new turn. Precinct 2 cops will be taking a fresh approach to documenting house parties that get out of control under the city's "noisy assembly" ordinance. Upshot: More warnings and citations, both for building owners and occupants.

Officers are being urged to coordinate their efforts with the university, long-time neighborhood residents and the owners of problem properties.

"This is a dual effort to not only get the community engaged in what we're doing and stepping forward and insisting that they be involved or perhaps consulted by police," 2nd Precinct Inspector Bryan Schafer told the Minnesota Daily. "This is a work in progress for us too, trying different ways to handle an old problem."

Good luck with that.